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Now well into their fourth decade as one of Britain’s most inspired and influential bands, James are set for another landmark year. With their fourteenth studio album, Girl At The End Of The World, released in March, they are poised to remind us all that they remain a band who make music of rare invention and vitality.

James’ biggest hits include Sit Down, She’s A Star, Laid and Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) with an impressive 20 Top 40 singles in the UK under their belt. Their seminal 1993 Brian Eno produced album “LAID” has shipped a million copies in the US alone.

Sit Down reached No.2 in the UK Singles Chart and became the biggest selling song in the UK in 1991. Girl At The End Of The World is released 25 years to the day that Sit Down was released.

‘We’ve never worried about selling records,’ says Tim. ‘Making music that lasts a long time and touches lives is more important to us. Every show should be different. They can be memorable for the oddest reasons, but a gig is all about communication. The more you live in the moment, the fresher a show will be.’

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